Southpaw Mobile Grooming

Serving Oviedo, FL and Surrounding areas!

Southpaw Mobile Grooming is a fully functioning pet salon that comes to you. Our focus is to create a positive and personalized grooming experience for your pet. Serving Oviedo and surrounding areas!

We are currently accepting a limited number of new clients in Oviedo and Winter Springs, FL based on schedule availability. Please fill out our New Client Form and we will reach out with our soonest availability in your area. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Puppy Etiquette Multi-Groom Package

The Puppy Etiquette package is recommended for puppies under a year old who are unfamiliar with the grooming process. This package includes multiple grooms ranging from bath to full groom based on the needs and temperament of the puppy.  The purpose is to familiarize your puppy with the grooming process in a slow and calm approach moving each time closer towards a full or mini groom. For best results it is recommended to schedule these grooms no more than 2 or 3 weeks apart. 

This package includes:

The Mileage Full Groom

The Mileage Full Groom is a good choice for your pet if you like a cute but short low maintenance clip. It is also a good choice if your dog is matted and we need to take the hair down and restart. These grooms typically leave less than half an inch on the body. Tight and neat like a pair of leggings but still leaves some fluff. The head and tail length are per your discretion- we can leave them long or trim them too. With these short cuts you will be able to get more mileage for your groom, hence the name!

This package includes:

Fully Loaded Full Groom

The Fully Loaded Full Groom is the choice for you and your dog if you like the longer fluffy look but still want an all over trim. This is the luxury full groom which includes 1 Bells & Whistles of your choice. These cuts are typically ½ inch or much longer. The length off is at your discretion for the body to tail in this package. It also comes with 15 minutes of de-matting/brushing to keep the longer length and remove tangles. (For Additional De-Matting Fees May Apply)

This package includes:

The Pit Stop

The Pit Stop is like a mini groom service and covers the essentials between your full grooms. It is a good place for puppies to start the grooming process. This is meant to tidy up some unruly hairs, but it does not take full lengths of hair off the body. The focus points are the face, feet, rear, and tail. It is great for dogs who need face or rear trims in-between grooms or dogs who prefer natural coat length with just tightening in certain areas.

This package includes:

Premium Clean Up (Available as Multi-Package)

The Clean Up is for dogs that are due for a bath after lots of playing. It includes a light de-shed as well as 15 minutes of coat blow-out & drying. This service is great for short haired dogs or dogs with undercoats such as chihuahuas or labs etc.

This package includes:

All the Bells & Whistles

 These are additional services that can be added on to your groom or done a la carte.