Our Top Priority is Your Pet

Thank you for choosing Southpaw Mobile Grooming for your pet’s grooming needs. We pride ourselves on providing a positive experience for you and your pet.
 Before using our grooming service, please read and agree to our terms of service: 

Your Pet’s Care is Important to Southpaw Mobile Grooming 

Please Inform Us Before Grooming Of:

  • Any pre-existing medical issues or allergies (seizures, arthritis, collapsing trachea, etc.), so that we may take the necessary steps to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. 

  • Any history of biting, aggression, or reactiveness. If your pet has behavioral issues, we are happy to work through them with you and have had much success with our Grooming Improvement Plan. Please note, if the behavior issues require extra time, we will need to add an additional fee.

Important Information:

  • Cancellation Policy: We understand that life can be unpredictable and schedules may need to be changed. However, cancellations can have a large impact on small businesses. Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance of any re-scheduling or cancellation needs. Reschedules or cancellations made same-day or with less than 24hrs notice will incur a fee of $50 per pet. No shows will incur a fee of up to 50% of the cost of the appointment. Fees must be paid prior to re-booking. Excessive cancellations may result in removal from client list. We appreciate your understanding and support for our small business.
  • If a pet is severely matted, a separate form may be given to inform pet owners of the increased risks and our increased efforts for the comfort and safety of your pet during the de-matting or shaving process. We understand that life is busy and things happen however, we reserve the right to refuse grooming extremely matted dogs.
  • The state of Florida requires that all pets over the age of 4 months be current on rabies vaccinations. By using our service you are agreeing that your pets are compliant with Florida’s rabies law. While other vaccinations are highly recommended they are not required. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination upon inquiry.
  • To prevent matting and maintain coat condition as well as the well being of our furry clients we require full groom clients to be on a recurring schedule. Poodle and doodle clients are required to be on an 8 week or less schedule. 

  • By using our services, you agree to trust that we will take the precautions necessary to safely continue the grooming process which may include use of grooming loops and muzzles. Southpaw Mobile Grooming will always be transparent on behavior of your pet so that we can work toward the best grooming experience for them.

  • Southpaw Mobile Grooming strives to give the best experience to every pet. However in rare instances we acknowledge we are not the best match for a pet or pet parent. In these cases, we reserve the right to refuse service to customers who have broken our policy or pets’ with behavior or medical conditions that may jeopardize our safety or their own.
  • Due to our small staff and our dedication to keeping our focus on your pets, our primary method of communication is text message. We allow 24hrs to respond to offered appointment times. After 24hrs we are unable to hold the offered slot and the next soonest available slot will be offered.
  • Payment must be received at the end of the appointment, by cash, Zelle, or card. Pricing is determined by size, coat condition and length, and the temperament of the dog.  Occasionally, additional charges may apply due to the dog’s temperament or matting during the grooming session. If additional fees are necessary it will be addressed before continuing. 

We Love Your Pet’s Photos:

  • By using our services you agree to allow Southpaw Mobile Grooming to use your pet’s name and any images or videos taken while he/she is in the care of Southpaw Mobile Grooming, in any form or format, for use, at any time, in any media, marketing, advertising, illustration, trade or promotional materials.   

Although accidents are rare, there are risks when handling pets. Southpaw Mobile Grooming will inform you immediately of any incident that occurs or anything unusual we may notice during the grooming process. Use of our services means that you agree that your vet can share information about your pet that may relate to the grooming process. Including but not limited to, vaccination records, prior history of medical issues, infections etc.  Your pets’ safety and comfort is our top priority.

Our Resolution Policy: 

Please let us know within 24 hours if you are not happy with your pet’s groom & allow us to come to a resolution with you.

By proceeding with booking all Southpaw Grooming services occurring on this date and future appointment dates, you agree to all information addressed in this form and our process of resolution. Southpaw Mobile Grooming customers will be notified of any changes made to the policy. Thank you for trusting Southpaw Mobile Grooming!